Ana Tkacik

Licensed Massage Therapist
specializing in Swedish massage, deep tissue treatment, palliative & hospice comfort massage

Massage Offerings

Massage sessions available in east Jefferson County, WA. Price includes travel time to your home. Special rates available for assisted living locations and long term care facilities.

60 minute relaxation massage $115
90 minute relaxation massage $145
45 minute palliative/hospice comfort massage $75

Contact me to book an appointment or to find out more about massage offerings.


Originally hailing from eastern Massachusetts, I moved to the Olympic peninsula in 2019. With a background in regenerative agriculture and a passion for cooking, I created a meal delivery business catered to those with specific dietary needs. Through that experience, I found that although I love cooking, the real joy came on delivery day, when I got to connect with each client. I had always assumed that my motivation was my love of food. What I came to discover is that people and my relationship to them is my true passion. Food was the vehicle. Human connection is the destination.

I strive to offer soothing touch to folks of any age, especially elders and their caregivers. I am currently a volunteer with Jefferson Home Health Hospice. Providing companionship and comfort to people nearing the end of their lives allows me a greater appreciation for each living day.


Questions? Concerns?
I am happy to talk with you about your next in-home massage.